About the Publisher

Publisher: Marty Nicholson

College: University of Missouri

Degree: Bachelor of Journalism

Interests: NCAA Basketball and Football, NFL Football, Baseball, Travel and Writing

Marty Nicholson before the last game at the Justice Center, Asheville, NC, Feb. 26, 2011

About Marty Nicholson: I have been publishing SportsView since January, 2010.  With readers around the world, I am always trying to let my audience know why certain teams or individuals won or lost sporting events.  It is available several ways…but always by just clicking on www.martinnicholson.com which will take you right to the blog!

I am the producer of “The Wise Guys” (afternoon drive sports commentary show) at ESPN Radio in Asheville. Additionally, I also work part-time for the UNC Asheville men’s and women’s basketball programs, live-tweeting home games.

My book,  “Justice For All! The History of the Justice Center”, is now available from FriesenPress.  The book tells the story of the Justice Center, UNC Asheville‘s cozy home for basketball and volleyball since 1963.  More than that, the book serves as a history of the men’s and women’s basketball programs…from NAIA national champions to appearances in the NCAA tournament.

Click here to purchase the book directly from the publisher.

Here I am on the 18th hole at Pebble Beach in May

I invite those of you who are new to SportsView to take a look at my website, www.martinnicholson.com, where you will find nearly 200 blogs, going back to 2010!And…thank you for reading.  Please be sure to send me your comments!

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